The Steps to a Successful Speaking Career with Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin discusses the five steps to creating a successful speaker career.

About Grant Baldwin and The Speaker Lab

After a few years of youth pastoring, I decided to start a speaking career. I worked hard to build my business and get paid to speak, all the while trying to figure things out on my own because there weren’t a ton of great resources out there.

The thing is, I’m just a normal dude. No crazy backstory, no celebrity following. I had a message to share and a dream to make it happen, and ten years and thousands of paid presentations later, I’m happy to say I did.

Today, I still travel and speak, but I spend most of my time working with The Speaker Lab to create resources that I wish I had when I was starting.

Our mission at The Speaker Lab is to give speakers clarity, confidence and a clear path to make an impact.

Our courses and coaching have helped thousands of speakers just like you start and grow their businesses, and we’d love to see how we can come alongside you and help you in your speaking journey.

Look, just because I’m a normal guy doesn’t mean I want to live a normal, mundane existence. I don’t think you want that for your life, either. In fact, I know you don’t or you wouldn’t be reading this.

If you think the path to a fulfilling and rewarding life includes sharing your message from the stage, find out more about how The Speaker Lab can help you get there.

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