The Digital ALCHEMY Formula with Richard Matthews

The Digital ALCHEMY Formula with Richard Matthews

Acknowledge Your Effect

You may not know it, but just like Robert Parr from The Incredibles… you are a SUPER. You have skills, abilities, and most importantly perspective that can help solve this world’s problems. You can slay the villains in your clients world. You can make an impact. The first step to building a HEROic brand is to acknowledge this and then use it to build your brand fundamentals. This will help you pinpoint your tribe and create a profitable brand that actually helps people.

Leverage Your Model

The POWER of your HEROic brand is going to come from your model. The simplest explanation is this: People don’t buy content, they buy intimacy. So with that in mind, we will help you develop a virtual business empire that leverages your time to serve the most people at the highest level possible by using a slide scale of intimacy in your product stack. Our goal is to build you an educational brand that rains down the cashflow and get your clients results all while keeping your time investments to an absolute minimum

Create Your Assets

Every HEROic brand needs to actually build assets. You know all the things that actually make you look like a real reputable online brand that’s worthy of spending your hard earned dollars with. You need to build communications, sales, delivery, marketing, and automations systems that look like you’re one of the big dogs (cause you will be when we are done) and build them in such a way that your brand is sending all of those unconscious trust signals to your buyers that you are as legit as they come.

Hook Your Audience

What good is a HEROic brand if you don’t have an audience to speak to? No good. So we need to BUILD a hook for your target audience that grabs them by the eyeballs and makes them become a part of your tribe forever.  This involves nailing down your unique branded solution to the problems your market has and then using that framework as a base to build a signature talk and a flagship course. Oh, and we’ve gotta build and the whozits and wizboozels (read: funnels and tech stack) that let you sell and deliver these to your clients.

Equip Your Tribe

To truly be a HEROic brand, you can’t just talk a good talk and look like one of the big dogs. You have to actually deliver on your promise. This is where we get into actually EQUIPing your tribe with the knowledge (and perhaps more importantly… the persuasion to act on it) to solve their most pressing problem. Endow means to “give a great gift” and what greater gift is there than the transformation possible from your flagship program? This is where we teach you how to teach in such a way that your students don’t just learn the how-to’s and then sit back and do nothing about it… but instead they are persuaded by your teaching to go out and act. That’s an important distinction and one most educators miss. You won’t.

Master Your Funnel

Remember we talked about INTIMACY back up in your model? Every HEROic brand has offers that allow your tribe to have greater levels of intimacy beyond your flagship course. These are the people who want you to COACH them more intimately. They want your help when they run into road-blocks. They want you to kick their ass into gear when they don’t take action or are scared to. Here we will teach you a highly leveraged model to building a powerful mastermind that your tribe WANTS to be a part of and will pay you for the privilege.

Your Message Everywhere

What good is a HEROic brand if no one ever sees it. You have great content. You have solutions to problems that people are dying to solve. We need to get your message out to the people. You need to be everywhere. You need to be in every feed they could potentially find. You need to be PREEMINENT in your marketplace. That means content. Lots of it. But… we don’t want it to take you a ton of time. We’re talking like 1 hours a week at a MAXIMUM to get you showing up everywhere now. We’ll show you how. It’s cool… promise.

What Are the Five Freedoms?

Freedom of Time: Have the freedom to control your own schedule and do the things you want to do.
Freedom of Location: Have the freedom to go where you want to go.
Financial Freedom: Have the funds to have the things you want, do the things you’d like, and be the person you want to be.
Political Freedom: Be free from oppression that unnaturally restricts your life.
Spiritual Freedom: Be free from guilt and shame to live the life you’re called to.

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