The 3 Fundamentals of Marketing with Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick of Rialto Marketing discusses the 3 fundamentals of marketing, the 7 steps of the customer journey, social media, and getting more reviews

About Tim

I have a passion for developing and growing businesses. I am an entrepreneur at heart, with 20+ years experience in marketing, business development, sales management and strategic planning. Just after graduating from college I had the good fortune of getting involved with a wholesale distribution company I co-owned for 9 years. We grew an average of 60% a year before being acquired in 2005. It was an amazing experience that not only taught me a lot of business lessons but life lessons as well.

I got involved in mobile marketing in late 2012 because I saw a huge opportunity to help organizations improve by taking advantage of reaching their audience on the one device that is always with them, always on, and always connected…a smartphone. We have since expanded our services and now focus on helping clients take the guesswork out of marketing so they can grow their business. I hope I run into you on this journey we call life!

Rialto Marketing Services

  • Content Marketing
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  • Marketing Consulting & Coaching
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  • Marketing Strategy
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  • Reputation Management
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Get PDFs for The Marketing Strategy Trilogy, Simple Marketing Plan Template, Ultimate Guide to Marketing Strategy, and The Customer Journey here.

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