SEO, Long-Tail Keywords, Paid Search, and Ads With Cory Young

Cory Young talks to us about SEO, long-tail keywords, paid Google search, Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter ads and more. Learn more about Cory Young and his services at

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BCC Interactive is a premier Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. As your growth partners, we utilize proven processes to consistently increase your revenue. Our skilled and dedicated team of experts worldwide is fully dedicated to supporting our clients and providing a seamless experience.  

After leading award-winning marketing teams for Comcast and Campbell Soup Company, our founder, Cory Young noticed a major area in which he could help local businesses thrive. In 2016, hefounded BCC Interactive to help small businesses grow exponentially through digital marketing. 

The secret sauce to our system is simple. We will put you exactly where your clients are looking for you, and even where they aren’t…giving you the freedom to focus on the business and not spend endless hours trying to become a “do-it-all” entrepreneur. 

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