My New Favorite Social App is Goodpods

JJ Ramberg is an entrepreneur, television host, podcast host, entrepreneur, best-selling author and mom.

For 13 years, JJ hosted MSNBC’s Your Business, the networks’s second longest-running program (and the corresponding podcast Been There. Built That).  She interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders to discover what works and what doesn’t when growing their companies.   As a small sample, the show featured: Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker), Jim Koch (Boston Beer Co), John Foley (Peloton), Jamie Kern Lima (It Cosmetics), Spencer Rascoff (Zillow), and Bobbi Brown.  

She also hosted the BBC World News series Follow the Food which addresses the issues around how we will produce enough food to feed the world in the face of climate change, a growing population and environmental degradation. 

JJ is more than just a journalist who covers entrepreneurship, though.  She is a two-time co-founder who, with her brother Ken, launched both Goodpods and Goodshop.

Goodpods is a new app where people can follow their smartest, funniest most curious podcast-loving friends to find out what they are listening to — by episode.  It also gives listeners a space to discuss their favorite shows and episodes and interact with their favorite podcast hosts.  

Goodshop has solved the ever-annoying problem of where to find the best online coupons and deals.  And, through its innovative shopfunding platform Goodshop Give,  Goodshop has forged a relationship between retail savings and nonprofit, school, and personal campaign fundraising.  To date, Goodshop has saved shoppers more than $100 million and raised more than $12 million which has gone towards finding homes for stray dogs, building wells around the world, paying for healthcare needs and much more/



  • See what your friends are listening to and love
  • Listen to your favorite shows with our built-in player
  • Direct recommend episodes to friends
  • Bookmark episodes for later
  • Follow and talk to your favorite podcast hosts
  • Chat with other fans of your favorite shows


  • Claim your show and interact with your listeners
  • Goodpods builds your audience organically, watch it go viral!
  • Cross-promote your shows with fellow podcasters

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