Leveraging Life Insurance to Grow Wealth with Sean Adams

Sean Adams with Leveraged Life Management teaches us the differences, pros, and cons of different types of life insurance and how life insurance compares to savings, 401ks, and retirement accounts.

The founder of Leveraged Life Management, Sean Adams is an entrepreneur, investor and financial education advocate.

Sean and his team are dedicated to decoding the secrets of the wealthy and sharing them with hard-working people everywhere.

The Leveraged Life Management team believes financial freedom comes from financial education and that everyone deserves access to the best strategies available.

I spent the first 10 years of my career owning multiple small businesses. During that time I felt the overwhelming stress of banks and the government having control over my income.

Like most business owners, cashflow was always a challenge.

Having the hard-earned money I did actually receive held captive in savings & retirement accounts that were illiquid and offered next to no growth left my frustrated.There was a lot I did not understand about the investing and banking industry.

I knew that the ultra-wealthy had insider knowledge of strategies for protecting and growing wealth so I was determined to break my way in.

Fast forward a few years to me selling my businesses and becoming a full time sales professional. I found myself making great commissions each month but fell back into the same trap of having no idea where to safely stick my earnings.I read dozens of books, interviews and courses on the topic

I finally stumbled upon this concept of leveraging cash value life insurance as a savings asset. This strategy gave me the liquidity, hedge against market volatility and the safe, consist growth I was looking for.

My life insurance policies became a saving grace for me that changed my financial future. I became obsessed with spreading the message of this strategy and found that many many high income earners and entrepreneurs in my network wanted the same for themselves.

We grew Leveraged Life Management from a strong desire to help professionals escape uncertainty and adopt a strategy that gives them the safety and protection they need. If my story resonates with you, I would love the opportunity to show you how this strategy might benefit you.

The 5 Levers of a Leveraged Wealth Account

Guaranteed Growth

If there is one thing even the uninitiated know about traditional market investing, it is that markets fluctuate. If you are anything like me, having to toss my after-tax income into a wishy-washy gamble is nerve-racking to say the least. Leveraged Wealth Accounts utilize mutual insurance companies who have guaranteed a return and dividends for more than 100 years consecutively.


Uncle Sam is that relative we all wish visited us a little less. Wouldn’t it be nice to stockpile our after tax earnings into an account that, if used correctly, would grow but not require me to pay taxes AGAIN? This is exactly what our Leveraged Wealth Accounts do. Your account grows guaranteed utilizing our mutual insurance company backing to defer any tax liability. Luckily our strategy does not require nor recommend that withdraws of principle or gains ever be taken out of the account.

Non-correlated to the stock market

Our Leverage Wealth Accounts are what is referred to as a Non-correlated asset class. This is a fancy way of saying our strategy uses life insurance which is not impacted or linked to the ups and downs of the stock market.

There is no other product on the market that can say it maintained & even continued to increase through 100+ years of market booms and busts. Our Leveraged Wealth Accounts are backed up by mutual insurance companies which means they are exclusively owned by the policyholders not stockholders. Therefore, the insurance company’s priority is in maintaining and compensating it’s policyholders (that is you and me who own Leveraged Wealth Accounts)


Having a nest egg is a great goal but not if it is locked up and untouchable. 401ks, IRAs, mutual funds are inherently illiquid meaning you can not easily access the cash in these accounts. If there is one constant in life it is change. Whether it is an unforeseen pandemic, an investing opportunity, or a major life purchase, our Leveraged Wealth Accounts are expertly designed to provide you with simple access to your cash WITHOUT penalties. Because of the unique structure of our accounts, we can actually allow you to use your dollars without sacrificing the growth. You read that correctly, you can actually use your dollars in two places at once.


As a high incomer earner, you likely base your decisions and planning off of the assumption that you will continue to produce at your current capacity for years to come. An often overlooked component of planning is protecting your family & your contribution as a producer to our family. If you or your spouse are unable to return to work or worse – killed, how might that radically alter your plans? Although it may seem morbid, your contribution to the economy and to your family has a face value dollar amount.

That face value can be insured in case the unforeseen happens and your family needs and moreover expects that income for years to come. Along with all of the tax and savings advantages, our Leveraged Wealth Accounts are in their simplest form, life insurance. Therefore these policies will protect you and your family for the rest of your life and the legacy of those you love.

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