Investment Income and Buying, Selling, and Renting Out Real Estate with Michael Eakman

Michael Eakman, President and Founder of Adaptive Wealth Partners, talks to us about various investment incomes, and specifically about buying, selling, and renting out real estate.

Michael has worked in the financial sector since 2011, over that time he has developed the desire to help his clients bring to life the goals and vision they look to achieve. He enjoys working with clients that are moving across transition points and develops plans that allow them to focus on enjoying the journey of life.

Michael strives to understand what is important to his clients in order to help them build and protect significant wealth. He believes that it is imperative to know his clients personally, and he works to maintain a continual dialog about the progress towards his clients goals which will allow them to have the greatest chance of financial success.

On a personal level, Michael was born and raised in Southern California and has lived across the country prior to calling Las Vegas home in 2013. His most gratifying role is that of being a husband to his wife, Antoinette and father to their five wonderful children. His wife Antoinette, is proud to be serving in the Army since 2004, and is currently in the Army Reserve.

In his spare time he enjoys travelling to new places and enjoying sports in every form. He enjoys passing on his love of sports to his children and views sports as an opportunity to build vital life skills that will help develop the confidence and tools to overcome adversity and achieve success.

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