How to Market and Sell an Online Course with Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb of Learning Revolution talks to us about the different course and LMS platforms, how to choose the right one for you, whether or not you should use webinars, and how to market and sell an online course.

Jeff has helped a long list of organizations maximize the reach, revenue, and impact of their education businesses. He has also help launch and grow multiple education-focused businesses, including:

  • University Access/Quisic, a company that partnered with top-ranked business schools to deliver high quality business education online to a global audience (Sr. Vice President of Business Development)
  • Isoph, a learning management system (LMS) and online course company (Co-founder and CEO)
  • LearnSomething (now Conduent), the company to which Isoph was successfully sold in 2005 (Vice President of Business Development)
  • Tagoras, a consulting and media company serving the global business of lifelong learning, host of Learning • Technology • Design™ (LTD) and publisher of the Leading Learning Podcast. (Co-founder and Managing  Director)

Jeff is a vocal advocate of cradle-to-grave lifelong learning, an award-winning teacher, and author of multiple books and research reports. He currently serves on the governing board of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement, to which he was specifically appointed as an education thought leader. He has previously served on the advisory board of Future Learning, the Professional Development Section Council of the American Society of Association Executives, the research committee of the eLearning Guild, and the editorial board of Innovate, a leading resource for information about innovations in learning and technology.

You can find out more about Jeff on his personal Web site as well as on LinkedIn if you want. You can also see some of the long list of clients he has worked with here and read some of their feedback.

The bottom line is that he’s not just some blogger who decided to write about how to get rich selling online courses. For Jeff and for Learning Revolution, adult education and lifelong learning is an area in which edupreneurs and expertise-based businesses have a critical role to play. While there are plenty of opportunities for making money, these opportunities come with the responsibility to serve learners effectively and create real positive change and impact in their lives.

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