How to Figure Out What to Fix First in Your Business

Brian Olson and John Lester from One Broken Cog discuss what to fix first in your business, and launching a business during COVID.

One Broken Cog brings over 50 years of real world, in the trenches, results driven experience in creating Aligned Organizations able to consistently drive revenue


To help businesses define and achieve their current goals and long-term strategies by implementing custom solutions and processes. We focus on improvements in areas that might have been overlooked by making small adjustments, not major overhauls.


We Identify and fix broken cogs preventing your business from achieving critical business objectives.
We implement processes and establish custom playbooks to increase workflow efficiency and boost revenue
We align departments to maximize team synergy, employee performance and retention


Whether you are a startup looking to generate revenue and early customers in the shortest and most cost efficient manner, or you are an established business in need of aligning your Vision, Mission, Culture and Goals throughout the entire organization to accelerate your ability to scale Sales – We are ready, willing and able to proactively set you up for success.

Reach out today so we can begin developing long-term plans that will allow your business to function more efficiently and make more profit.

West Coast Co-Founder
I’ve spent the last 20+ years in elite-level selling, leading sales departments, building high performance teams, and proactively coaching employees to exceed their goals. My experience spans a variety of industries, and have been a frequent recipient of numerous awards for exceeding quotas and breaking company records. 
I am a natural born leader and coach as my Myers-Briggs personality profile is “Assertive Protagonist”, which exists in only 2 percent of the population.
I am dedicated to achieving sustainable revenue growth for my clients, and my work has led me to be featured in multiple media outlets due to the measurable results we have achieved. 
East Coast Co-Founder
Throughout my career, I have been recognized as a transformational leader, specializing in turning around under-performing organizations into profit machines. I bring a keen understanding of opportunity development, identifying and capturing market opportunities that accelerate expansion and increase revenue through initiating collaborative partnerships, strategic connections, and new market segmentation. I am also a trusted adviser who influences others with high energy and leadership by example, consistently increasing stakeholder engagement, improving brand awareness, and enhancing overall operations. 

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