How to Become a Freelance Web Designer with Chris Misterek

Chris Misterek of discusses how to become a freelance web designer.

When my wife left so did over half of my annual income. I had to figure out something fairly quickly to make extra income. That’s when I turned to web design. Without much prior knowledge in design or development I started my journey.

18 months later and I had doubled the income of my full-time job by freelancing as a web designer in my free time.

5 years later and I have a full-time career as a ux web designer. By day, I work at an amazing company called Showit. By night, I work hard to help as many people I can see the kind of success I’ve had as a web designer. 

My ultimate goal with the Self-Made Web Designer is to truly be a resource to people who are beginning their journey in web design or help those who have all ready begun. 

Do you need a bit of advice getting started? Maybe you are a little stuck on a project currently or having trouble figuring out how to handle a client. I’d love to help

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