How Ostrich Created Their App Business for Under $100 (with William Glass and Andrew Holliday)

William Glass and Andrew Hollidays, founders of the Ostrich app, talk about how they created their app with under $100, and how their app helps you achieve financial goals.

William Glass - Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Ostrich
William Glass

William has been a self-professed money nerd ever since he read Rich Dad Poor Dad in high-school. After seeing finances break apart his family, he became convinced that society has to start improving financial literacy. William first came up with the idea for Ostrich back in 2017. After a couple of years ruminating on the concept, he was ready to leave behind his old life working in technology sales to help bring financial literacy to the masses!

Andrew Holliday - Co Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Ostrich
Andrew Holliday

Andrew is life-long footballer and world traveler originally hailing from England. Andrew first heard about the idea of Ostrich late in 2017 from William, whilst still working in Private Equity in New York City. Two years later, he decided to leave that world behind – literally. Andrew left NYC, set course for South America, and has since been putting his financial knowledge towards helping more than just the wealthiest members of society. 

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