Podcast and Content Repurposing with Hani Mourra, creator of Repurpose and Simple Podcast Press

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So Many Ways To Repurpose Your Content …

  • Convert Audio Podcasts To Videos and Publish To YouTube and Facebook
  • Create Vertical or Square Audiograms (perfect for IG, IG Stories, and IGTV)
  • Auto Publish Audio Podcast and Video Snippets To Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Upload Facebook Live Videos To YouTube
  • Convert Facebook Lives to an Audio Podcast on iTunes
  • Publish Instagram and Instagram TV Videos To YouTube
  • Publish Audio or Video from DropBox or Google Drive to any Platform
  • Send Podcasts and Facebook Lives to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Push your Audio Podcast to SoundCloud
  • Publish Video Podcasts To YouTube

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Simple Podcast Press Features

Worldwide iTunes Reviews

Automatically showcase latest your 4 or 5 star worldwide iTunes Reviews on any page or sidebar.  You also have access to all the reviews from the convenience of your WordPress dashboard.

Fully Customizable Buttons.

Automatically add custom call-to-action buttons to all your episode pages. You can customize the colors and what page they take your listeners too.

One Click Tweetables

Grow your following on Twitter by turning any text on your show notes page into a beautiful tweetable that can be easily shared with a single click.

Clickable Timestamps

All time-codes on your show notes page automatically become clickable allowing listeners to easily jump to a specific time in the player keeping them engaged longer.

Podcast Playlists

Create a podcast playlist that automatically updates itself with all your episodes so listeners can easily discover more of your content.  Add them to the sidebar or any page on you site with a single click.

Clutter-free Transcripts

Easily add full transcripts without cluttering up your show notes page.  These transcripts are collapsable and only appear when someone clicks on them.

Automatic URL Shortener

Automatically shorten the URL of your show notes pages so you can give your listeners a short URL so they can easily get to them.

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Simple Video Press Features

  • Automatically creates new video blog post when a new video is uploaded to YouTube (checks every hour)
  • Video blog post title, description, embedded video, published date, and tags are taken directly from YouTube
  • Custom YouTube thumbnail is used as the featured image for the video blog post
  • Option to keep new video posts as DRAFT or AUTO PUBLISH
  • Assign a default category for each new video blog post
  • All comments from YouTube are automatically added as comments on your specific video blog posts (once a day)
  • Video blog posts that are shared on Facebook will show up as watchable videos inside of the Facebook feed
  • Twitter card ready (requires your site be approved by Twitter first)
  • Sidebar widget that showcases all your videos and allows visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel directly
  • Add automatic comment imports and video player opt-in box to already existing posts.

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