Gain Financial Security by Selling Your Knowledge and Expertise with Hovey Smith

Hovey Smith talks to us about how to create job security by selling your knowledge and expertise.

The realization came to me quite early after I had pulled my military service and revitalized my professional training by getting a M.S. in Geology at the University of Alaska, that I would have to do something else to help ensure my survival through the ups and downs of the economy. Starting in the 1970s I began writing for newspapers and magazines as well as publishing books. This grew to me becoming an editor for national publications, the author of over 20 books, and producer of over 850 YouTube videos along with working for international companies, and owning my own businesses while living life in general. The result of all of this was the production of this book in which I develop a method that tells how to select among self-generated possibilities to form your own businesses as and when you need them at different times in your life. This book is now available worldwide as a softcover, e-book, and audio book.


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