The SBDC Advantage: Utilizing Free Resources to Bootstrap a Pharmaceutical Company (with Joyce Dales)

Guest Bio

Joyce Dales is the President of Buzzagogo and the inventor of Cold Bee Gone,  a homeopathic, Manuka Honey based remedy that you swab in your nose to fight cold, flu, allergies and to protect the nasal biome.  Joyce, who used to be a high school teacher, is married to Jeffrey, who is an attorney and software engineer.  In 2009 and 2011 they welcomed two beautiful girls as they grew their family through the gift of international adoption.  Together they run their company, while homeschooling, as they travel the country in their 1972 Airstream. Cold Bee Gone is now sold nationwide and is a proud official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox.

ℹī¸ Introduction

On this episode of Frugalpreneur, we have a special showcase featuring an inspiring bootstrapped entrepreneur. Join us as we delve into the journey of Joyce Dales, the CEO of Buzzagogo and the creator of the Cold Bee Gone and Allergy Bee Gone nasal swab remedy.

From switching careers to natural medicine after her daughter’s health scare to experimenting in her kitchen for years, Joyce shares the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial journey. We’ll explore how she overcame challenges, sought help from organizations like the Small Business Administration, secured funding as a female entrepreneur, and navigated FDA regulations for her pharmaceutical company.

Through her experiences, Joyce provides valuable tips and takeaways for fellow bootstrap business owners. She highlights the power of seeking help, networking, and taking daily action to turn ideas into reality. And don’t miss out on the special discount she’s offering our listeners on her products!

In this episode, Joyce emphasizes the importance of a healthy nose for a healthy immune system, making her remedy all the more valuable. We hope you enjoy this showcase and gain valuable insights for your own business endeavors.

Remember, if you have a valuable story to share, we encourage you to reach out and be a part of our show. Your insights might just be what another entrepreneur needs to hear. Stay tuned for more episodes of Frugalpreneur, where we bring you practical advice and inspiring stories to help you succeed without breaking the bank.

❇ī¸ Key topics and bullets

– Joyce’s background as a high school teacher and her journey into natural medicine

– Joyce’s motivation to create her nasal swab remedy due to her daughter’s health issues

– Joyce’s experimentation and development of her remedy in her kitchen

– Expansion of Joyce’s products to 12,000 stores nationally and globally

– Joyce’s decision to seek help from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and local experts

– Importance of getting guidance and support

– Challenges in starting a small pharmaceutical company and the need for seed money

– Assistance from the SBA in securing a small business loan

– Joyce’s success in raising outside money through an angel investor group

– Overcoming obstacles with FDA regulations and the importance of attention to detail

– Top tip for entrepreneurs: utilize resources like the SBA, network, and ask for help

– Encouragement to take action and make ideas a reality

– Joyce’s contact information for further discussion or advice

– Discount code for Frugalpreneur listeners

– Closing remarks and invitation for guests to share their stories on the podcast

🧞‍♂ī¸ Discussion questions

1. How did Joyce’s personal experience with her daughter’s health condition motivate her to switch careers and create her business?

2. What were some of the challenges Joyce faced in starting her pharmaceutical company, especially in regard to FDA regulations?

3. How did Joyce secure her first small business loan and angel seed money? What strategies did she use to attract investors?

4. What role did the Small Business Administration and local businesses play in helping Joyce launch her business? How important is it for entrepreneurs to seek assistance and support?

5. What are some of the key takeaways from Joyce’s journey in terms of bootstrapping a business? How can listeners apply these lessons in their own entrepreneurship endeavors?

6. How did Joyce navigate the transition from being a high school teacher to running a pharmaceutical company? What transferable skills and qualities helped her succeed?

7. What strategies did Joyce use to effectively network and build connections within her industry? How important is networking for entrepreneurs?

8. How did Joyce overcome the fear and uncertainty that comes with starting a new business? What advice does she have for others who may be experiencing the same challenges?

9. What are some of the specific benefits and uses of Joyce’s nasal swab remedy? How can a healthy nose contribute to a healthy immune system?

10. What are some success stories of entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped their businesses? How can these stories inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs listening to the podcast?



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