Effective Email Marketing: How to Boost Open Rates and Engage Subscribers (with Liz Wilcox)

ℹ️ Introduction

Welcome back to another episode of Frugalpreneur! I’m your host, Sarah St John, and today we have an incredible guest joining us, Liz Wilcox. If you’ve ever wondered how to effectively use email marketing without breaking the bank, this is the episode for you. Liz shares her expertise on optimizing emails to build connections with your audience, increase open rates, and avoid the dreaded spam folder. We’ll learn about the importance of personalizing your emails, crafting attention-grabbing subject lines, and tracking the right metrics to measure engagement. Liz also dives into strategies for building your email list without spending money on ads and highlights the power of podcasts and in-person events in growing your visibility. Plus, she recommends the best email service provider for your business needs and provides valuable insights into the frugal yet rewarding world of email marketing. So, grab your favorite pen and notepad because you won’t want to miss a minute of this episode packed with practical tips for the frugalpreneur in all of us. Let’s jump right in!

💡 Speaker bios

Liz Wilcox is a frugal lifestyle expert who found a unique and cost-effective way to brand herself. As a fan of the 90s era, Liz decided to incorporate this nostalgic theme into her website, lizwilcox.com. By tapping into the recognizable and relatable aspects of popular culture, she was able to market herself without the need for expensive branding experts. This clever strategy not only saved her money but also made her brand more memorable and engaging. Liz’s fans now associate her with the 90s scene, making her stand out in the crowded online space. She demonstrates that if you can find a way to align your personal brand with something embedded in the culture, it can be a cheap, easy, and effective marketing tool. So next time you hear a 90s song or see a reference to the era, make sure to check out Liz Wilcox’s emails for a frugal and fun lifestyle inspiration.

❇️ Key topics and bullets

Topic: Mistakes in Email Marketing

– Trying to do too many things at once

Topic: Frequency and Content of Emails

– Starting with sending out a newsletter once a week

– Segue into the content instead of writing stories in every email

– Quick personal updates and linking to relevant content

– Ending the email quickly to respect people’s inboxes

Topic: Using Images in Emails

– Deliverability issues with using images in emails

– Advice on deliverability from large corporations may not apply to micro content creators

– Recommended for micro content creators to use images to build connections

– Including an image in the subject line or preview text for higher open rates

– Not recommended to include a large number of images in every email

Topic: Subject Lines and “From Line”

– Disagreement on the importance of subject lines vs. “from line” in getting people to open emails

– Making the “from line” stand out with personalized freebies and showcasing personality/values

– Subject lines still important, suggested writing subject lines for best customers/fans

– Recommendation for a subject line generator for crafting effective subject lines

Topic: Engaging Recipients in Emails

– Asking specific yes or no questions in the first or second email

– Importance of engaging recipients and tracking open rates and click rates

– Manual tracking of percentage of customers who make a purchase

– Replying to emails as a sign of high engagement and opportunity for personalized outreach

Topic: Building and Growing Email Lists

– Solid ways of building email lists with genuinely interested people

– Creating niche down freebies for targeted list building

– Personalized welcome sequence to solidify connections with subscribers

– Benefits of unsubscribes in the welcome sequence for improved deliverability and open rates

– List building strategies without spending money on ads

– Podcasts as a method for growing email lists

– Other visibility methods for growing a list, such as guest blogging and joint ventures

– Overcoming hesitation or fear and taking advantage of free methods for list building

Topic: Email Marketing Tools

– Recommendation for ConvertKit as an email marketing platform

– Starting with the $29 per month plan to access all features

– Watching over-the-shoulder videos to determine the best platform fit

– Importance of finding a platform that aligns with individual preferences

Topic: Tips for Effective Emails

– Recommended email length of 400 words or less

– Treating emails like physical mailboxes to engage recipients

– Being familiar but not predictable in email content

– Varying the length and content of emails

– Typical return on investment with email marketing

– Personal frugality and starting an email list with low cost

Topic: Building a Good Life Through Email Marketing

– Slow process of building an email list

– Low cost option compared to other forms of advertising

– Email marketing as a way to create a good life

– Guarantee of email marketing being loved

Please note that these sub-topics are based on the information provided and may not be exhaustive.

❓ Questions

1. What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to email marketing?

2. How often do you currently send out newsletters? Do you think it’s better to send them out once a week or once a month?

3. Do you agree with Liz that trying to write a story in every single email is a mistake? Why or why not?

4. How do you feel about including images in emails? Do you think they can help build connections with your audience?

5. Do you prioritize subject lines or the “from line” when it comes to getting people to open your emails? Why?

6. What strategies do you currently use to increase visibility and grow your email list? Have you tried any of the methods mentioned in the episode?

7. What metrics do you track to measure engagement with your emails? Is there a particular metric that you find most valuable?

8. Have you ever had reservations or fears about building an email list? If so, how did you overcome them?

9. What is your preferred email marketing platform? Have you tried different platforms, and if so, what influenced your decision?

10. What is your experience with email length? Do you find that shorter emails are more effective, or do you prefer longer, more detailed content?


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