From Followers and Subscribers to Superfans with Pat Flynn

Our guest for today is one heck of a Rockstar. Pat Flynn is an expert in affiliate marketing, podcasting, blogging, course creation, email marketing, and more. There’s nothing this guy can’t do!

He is the host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, where he has insightful conversations with his guests and shares strategies and advice so you can build your online business the smart way.

In this episode, Pat talks about how that one “superfan” helped him gain the confidence to pursue a life by his design.

The Story of Superfans

●    Pat gives us an insight and discusses how he got the idea for his book, Superfans

How to Succeed in Building an Audience

●    Pat shares tips, strategies, and advice on how he was able to build his audience and create his own brand.

●    He talks about how the connection between people is what makes their bond stronger.

Creating Your Community

●    Pat talks about how it was launching the SPI Pro community.

●    Are you looking to create a community for your “superfans”? Listen to Pat’s advice on how you can get the ball rolling on that idea!

The Dark Side of Superfandom

●    Things you need to be aware of and avoid, so you don’t fall on the dark side of superfandom

Closing Segment

●    Look forward to Pat’s new book.

●    Final words of advice from Pat

●    Connect with Pat. Links available below.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Keep going. You either get the result you wanted or the lesson you needed.” – Pat Flynn

“The only true failure is giving up.” – Pat Flynn

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