Entrepreneurial Trap: At some point you have to stop learning, and start doing.

In this episode, I wanna  share with you a decision I made JUST today. But first, let me explain. There is a trap that entrepreneurs get into, myself included. And that is the trap of spending all your available time learning HOW to do something, but not actually DOING it.

Do you ever get stuck in the learning process and keep putting off the doing stage? For me, I don’t know how many business and entrepreneurial books I need to read, how many courses do I need to take, how many webinars do I need to watch, how many e-books or cheat sheets do I need to download, and so on, but I always feel like it’s never enough. There’s always more to learn. I’ve often found myself getting stuck in this trap of learning. Don’t get me wrong…you NEED to learn. It’s important to educate yourself, and constantly be learning, but if that’s ALL you are doing and you aren’t implementing what you are learning, what’s the point? You are likely to forget what all you’ve learned before you’ve even incorporated it. There will always be one more book, one more webinar or course, one more cheat sheet to download, and so on. There is no end, which is a good thing, but don’t get stuck and spend all your time in the learning phase. I know it may sound odd, but learning can become an addiction. So, what I’ve decided is that for every hour I spend learning, I will spend another hour implementing. Not necessarily implementing that very thing I just learned, but anything that helps grow my business. I’m curious. If you have any habits you’ve developed to help balance your learning to implementing ratio, tweet it to me at @thesarahstjohn, and I’ll share it on a future episode.

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