Do You Even Podcast? (And Why You Should)

Do you even podcast? Well, you should.

Podcasting is becoming one of the top ways people enjoy content. Podcasting has been around ever since the iPod (hence the term podcasting), but it’s just been in recent years that listenership and popularity has skyrocketed. As Seth Godin states, “podcasting is the new blogging”. Unlike other modes of media or content consumption, podcasting allows you to take in content while you are multitasking. People listen to podcasts while they commute to work, mow the lawn, do laundry or dishes, or a variety of other tasks. Unlike blogs or YouTube videos, podcasting doesn’t require eye contact and your focus. And it’s because of this that people will consume podcasts for 30 and 60 or more minutes at a time. 

And because there isn’t another form of content that is as intimate as being in someone’s earbuds for long periods of time, podcasting is one of the most effective avenues for building a loyal customer or fanbase. Not only does it seal credibility and authority within your niche, but it helps you make connections with companies, business owners, and influencers within your industry that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I go more into detail into why and how this works in my upcoming book, Podcastpreneur: How to Produce, Promote, and Profit From a Podcast.

So, you are clearly a podcast listener yourself, and you’ve maybe considered starting your own podcast. But, you aren’t sure how. Or maybe you just started a podcast and are looking for some help and education. Well, you’re in luck! I’m excited to announce that every day this week, I will be interviewing the owners of various podcasting-related companies. Some of the topics we will discuss are podcast monetization strategies, podcast technology and equipment, podcast hosting, podcast education, recording long distance interviews, tools, tips, techniques, and more. 

To get a head start, access the free Podcastpreneur membership site at

I’m looking forward to next week. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.

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