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About Brent Basham, Co-Founder of Poddit

“Back in 2014 my interest in tech collided with my being a dad in work conversations with Andrew Currie. As colleagues in the tech space we found ourselves discussing how different things were for our little digital natives. It also occurred to us that this was the only time in history there would be such an interesting generational digital divide. So we did the obvious thing for someone in our situation… we started a podcast! And just like that, Digital Dads was born.

We continued podcasting for 3 years and it was a true labor of love. We connected with lots of other amazing dads and even had them on our show sometimes. But podcasts take time (getting guests, recording, editing, show notes, etc.). And so does having a career. And of course, being a dad. So we eventually “pod faded” and the show went on indefinite hiatus. Enter Poddit.

A big part of the challenge with the podcast was discovering and connecting with great guests. Not just any guests mind you, we wanted to discuss interesting topics and ideas. But it became laborious clicking all around the internet week after week. And the time suck was a big part of the reason we stopped the show. With some time away we began to realize it could be better and that we (with our tech backgrounds) were perfectly suited to solve this problem for ourselves, and for others. So we did. And now I get to share how it came to be right here and I couldn’t be more excited.”

– Brent Basham, Co-Founder of Poddit

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