Colin Gray of Alitu Reveals the Quick and Easy Way to Make a Podcast

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Here’s What Alitu Automates:

  • Converting your files (we take audio recordings from any source!)
  • Levelling (getting the volume right)
  • Noise reduction – removing regular background noise
  • Hum reduction – removing power related hums
  • Adding theme music at the start and end of your show
  • Fading/transitioning from music to voice and vice-versa
  • Joining together multiple recordings into one episode
  • Exporting your episode to mp3 with the right settings#
  • Loudness – ensuring a standard export volume
  • Adding id3 tags to your episode
  • Publishing direct to certain podcast hosts

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Here’s What Alitu Helps YOU Do:

  • Custom editing tool for Silences/Mistakes
  • Creating your Theme Music
  • Creating Ads & Segments with Music
  • Much more coming soon!

Who Is Alitu For?

  • If you want to spend more time on your content, and less time on editing & production, but still get a polished result.
  • If you don’t care a jot about bitrates, sample rates, file formats, metadata and want that taken care of for you.
  • If you edit out a few mistakes each episode, and need a quick & easy way to do it.
  • If you’d love a beautifully designed, user-friendly, podcast-specific tool, built by podcasters for podcasters, to create your show every week.
  • If you have standalone segments you’d like to back with music, and you’d like a simple way to create them and pop them into your episode.

Get Your 7 Day Free Trial here.

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