Build Your Business Frugally By Leveraging LinkedIn and Free Apps (with Dave Molenda)

Dave Molenda, CPBA, CPDFA, CPEQA is the founder of Positive Polarity, LLC, a Midwest based coaching/training firm that brings solid growth to companies from over 30 years of real-world experience where he grew his business to $10,000,000.00 in annual sales before selling it. He speaks regularly at conferences around the country on topics that are designed to make the listener not only hear but engage.

He developed a formula for success, ST + ICE = P (Strengthening the Team + Improving the Customers Experience = Profit) and with this formula, he has helped companies with their business growth. His #1 Amazon best Selling book called, Growing on Purpose, details the importance of both the team and the customer and how, if treated properly, profit will follow! He also is the host of The Positive Polarity Podcast, a weekly Podcast that interviews awesome business professional with amazing stories!

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