Education, Training, and Courses

30 Day Book Bootcamp is a course by Joseph Michael. It is a 4 week home study course that helps you plan and write your first book.

Amazon Best-seller Blueprint is a course by Joseph Michael that helps you learn how to become an Amazon bestseller.

Learn Scrivener Fast is a course by Joseph Michael that helps you learn Scrivener is a great tool, but can be overwhelming at first. This course helps with that.

Audiobooks Made Easy is a course by Derek Doepker that teaches you how to record, create, and make even more money from  audiobooks.

Author Marketing Club is an affordable membership by Jim Kukral that has a lot of training and essential tools for authors. I am a member and highly recommend.

Author Toolkits is by Joel Friedlander of Book Design Templates. It is a series of training and tools for authors. I personally use the Book Planner toolkit.


ProWritingAid is what I personally use and recommend for self-editing. It has a grammar check, style editor, and writing mentor all in one. Free plan available.

Grammarly is another editing and writing assistant that I use from time to time. Free plan available.

Scrivener is the most extensive way to plan, write and edit. However, there is a steep learning curve, which is why I'd recommend the Learn Scrivener Fast course by Joseph Michael linked above.

Autocrit is a self-editing platform primarily aimed at  fiction writers. Free plan available.

Editing and Proofreading

Reedsy is an all-in-one marketplace to find editors, designers, and more. They also offer a ton of super helpful free tools, and the one I use the most is the book editor. Highly recommend.

eBook Launch is an affordable place to go for editing, design, and formatting.

Self Publishing Services is a one-stop-shop for editing, publishing, formatting, submission, design, marketing and more.

Hidden Gems Books offers an ARC program, design, editing, blurbs, Amazon keywords, and more. I personally use and recommend Chris at Hidden Gems for my developmental editing. 

Publishing and Distribution

Draft  Digital is who I use and recommend for self-publishing distribution if you choose to go wide.

Book Baby is a one-stop-shop for printing, editing, design, selling, distribution, wholesale, marketing, and more. 

Press Books is a DIY book design and production software to format your books for ebooks and print-on-demand services. Free plan available.

Fast Pencil is a free, all-in-one solution for creating, distributing, and selling e-books.

ARCs (Advanced Reader/Review Copies)

KD ROI is an affordable tool I use and recommend that submits your Kindle book promotion to over 32 sites in 15 seconds without having to leave Amazon, fill out forms, or outsource.

Booksprout is what I use to get advanced reviews. Free plan available.

Prolific Works is another resource I use and recommend that helps with ARCs, rewards, and add subscribers. Free plan available.

Book Funnel is a great way to create reader magnets, secure ARCs, get new readers, and make sales.

KDP (Amazon) Publishing Analytics

Publisher Rocket is by Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur. It is one of my favorite and must have tools for selling on Amazon by helping you find the right keywords and categories. It is super affordable and highly recommended.

Datasprout is a browser extension I use and recommend  that helps you track and visualize your Amazon sales data. Free plan available. 

Book Report is like Datasprout, but better. It has even more advanced and detailed Amazon sales stats and analytics. I use and recommend this extension. Free plan available.


Book Brush is like the Canva for authors. It's the easiest way to create professional ads and social media images for your books.Free plan available.

Book Launch helps you build beautiful, professional book pages in less than 10 minutes to market your book and build your audience. Free plan available.

Book Design Templates is by Joel Friedlander of Author Toolkits. Book Design Templates helps you create beautiful books right in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Adobe InDesign. Other services include covers, interior layout, and more.