Amazon Ads, Rankings, and Reviews with Brian R. Johnson

Brian R Johnson of Canopy Management teaches us about all the different ways to make money on Amazon: book publishing, print-on-demand t-shirts, merchandise, private label, white label, dropshipping, and more. He also talks about how to create good Amazon ads, how to get rankings, and reviews.

Although affectionately known as the “Brain in the Jar”, he is anything but. Brian is a driving force in the eCommerce world. Not only has he achieved success as an online seller, but he has become the Leading Strategist in Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Over the course of his career, Brian has founded: the Amazon PPC Troubleshooting community, Amazon PPC Consulting Association, PPC Scope ad management software, Sponsored Products Academy training course, and Canopy Management advertising agency for million-dollar brands.

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