All About Money Psychology, Paying off Debt, and Asking for a Raise with the Millennial Money Queen, Maria Alcantara

Maria Alcantara from Millennial Money Queens teaches us about money psychology, paying off debt, asking for a raise, investing, and more.

I lived in sunny Brazil. I come from a family of soccer players, my dad played pro in multiple leagues and my grandfather is in a museum… No joke!

How stereotypical, yet I can’t kick a soccer ball for my life 🙂 

But in those days, sports didn’t pay, so both my dad and grandfather gave up on their talent and dreams and went to work in finance, from CFO to a commodities broker. That choice gave us a really good and rich life. 

But my dad worked a lot, I didn’t get to spend much time with him. He worked so hard, he got really sick and nearly went blind from stress. This happened while we were on vacation. 

In what felt like the blink of an eye, our perfect-looking life came crashing down. We sold all our belongings and moved to beautifully frigid Canada. 

It felt like we had gone broke overnight. My parents struggled for a long time, from riches to rags. 

All I wanted was my old life back, to go back to Brazil, but we could never afford it. When I asked when things would go back to normal, the answer I always got was “when money comes…” 

I studied psychology in college. I was amazed at how the mind works and how powerful human beings are! I had big dreams for projects in consciousness research and in animal therapy. Then I was told I could never get the funding for my work. 

I also got into student debt for that degree. I had been working since I was 13 years old, I quickly got tired of it and of being told I couldn’t afford the things I wanted. 

Right as the 2008 financial crisis erupted, I had reached my limit with money being a showstopper in my life. Deep in debt and with no financial education whatsoever, I embarked on a journey to master money.

So I decided to change career paths and join the finance game. I had to understand how money works so that lack would never call the shots in my life again. I started by studying economics in university. I spent the last 10 years building a career in banking and wealth management and becoming a chartered investment manager.

I thought I was set for life. I had all the academic knowledge needed to win, I had the perfect job in a great company. Yet, I was miserable, my debt actually continued to grow and I had no purpose. 

Then I began looking at money from a psychology and finance perspective combined. That’s when everything changed!

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