100 Episodes Later: Successes and Failures

2 years and 100 episodes later, I discuss why I started the podcast, surprises along the way, connections I’ve made, the future of the podcast, and the success and failures I’ve learned along the way.

Why I started the podcast

  • Coincide with my book, Frugalpreneur, as an extra marketing avenue
  • Was just gonna be 10 or so episodes
  • More leverage from the podcast than the book, loved the networking/connections I was making, kept the podcast going.
  • Over 2 years and 100 episodes later


  • 2019: Interviewed CEOs of software companies I used/recommend as well as entrepreneurs I look up to/admire/follow
  • 2020: Interviewed entrepreneurs who started a business with under $1,000 and built it to over $1M without any outside investment, capital, loans, credit, etc.


  • Made some great friends and connections, and perhaps potential joint venture partners in the future
  • Learned a lot. Podcasting is like a free one-on-one consultation
  • Got to interview some of my “entrepreneurial heroes” such as Pat Flynn, Mike Michalowicz, Christy Wright (Ramsey Personality), etc.
  • Maintained 5 star rating
  • Launched PodcastResourceDirectory.com and it was one of the first podcast resource directories
  • Launched my new agency, PodSeam.com


  • There was a several month period where I became what I’ll call “interview-happy” and did multiple recordings a week. But, now I’m backlogged at least 40 or so episodes.

So what am I doing to fix it and what did I learn?

I learned that you shouldn’t take on more than you can reasonably handle in an appropriate amount of time.

The steps I will be taking to combat this are:

  • I will be releasing multiple episodes a week starting after this episode and will get all episodes released before the end of the year
  • I have stopped doing interviews for the remainder of the year, and will just be recording 1 episode a week starting in January so guests don’t have to wait weeks for their episode to be released


  • More solo episodes
  • More interviews with well-known entrepreneurs
  • Shark Tank contestants
  • Perhaps some coaching calls
  • Kid entrepreneurs
  • Creative ways to make money

How I can help:

If you need help launching or managing your podcast, please check out my agency, PodSeam.com. We do full podcast editing and post production including show notes, transcripts, audiograms, captioned social media videos, graphics, and more. In addition, we can help you with podcast strategy, guest management, podcast ads, and more. If this interests you, please go to PodSeam.com and click on “book a free discovery call”. Or if you just want to a one-time podcast audit, I’m offering them for just $97 for a limited time.  In the audit, I go over your cover art, podcast name, podcast episode titles, intro/outro, format, sound quality, production value, length, flow, on air performance, calls to action, podcast directory discovery, podcast website, show notes, social media presence, and your rankings and reviews. To learn more, go to PodSeam.com/podcastaudit.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve never done this before, but would like to take this opportunity to read a few of mine:

I am thoroughly enjoying the Frugalpreneur podcast. I find it especially useful for helping me keep a pulse on what technology/software/services are available out there to keep me current at an incredibly affordable (often times free) rate! As a non-profit Executive Director, I constantly battle a finite budget, but still feel the pressure to stay up to date with the changing technologies. Frugalpreneur is quickly becoming my go-to podcast for staying in-the-know.


This podcast helps me keep a pulse!

Helpful and informative! Sarah and her guests are very knowledgeable.

tommye w-c


Sarah and her guests always share helpful insights and advice! A definite must listen.

Awesome show!

Excellent content from this podcast! Really valuable insights from Sarah and her guests. Highly recommend!

Great Podcast!

Loved to listen to the latest episode on Facebook Lead Generation. These are steps I take on with my listeners on “We Don’t PLAY” podcast and I look forward to connecting with you. Great content, Sarah!

Flaev Beatz
Amazing Podcast Content

Definitely a must listen for tips for business

Great info!

This podcast provides great tips for making money from your business on a shoestring budget. Thanks for all the wonderful free information.

Excellent Business Tips

Provides a ton of information in a brief period of time; keeps your concentration because of the fast pace – there is no time for your mind to wander. I’m a busy man and can’t waste any time, so this was perfect for me. Great job! Can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

I love this fast-paced interview!

Glad to be a guest on Frugalpreneur Podcast and have the opportunity to be interviewed by a wonderful host Sarah St John. It has been a pleasure to share to your audience the ALCHEMY Formula and some of my business experience. Keep the great content going!

The Digital ALCHEMY Formula

Achieve a higher level of success by tuning in to Frugalpreneur with Sarah St. John and guests. Insights and inspiration that transform business and lives!

Karen Briscoe
Achieve a higher level of success!

Sarah is a great host asking deep questions and creating an energizing atmosphere. I highly recommend her.

Energizing host with great insights

Just recently recorded an episode with Sarah, and it was such a joyous experience. Her ability to engage in knowledgeable conversation and maintain the flow of an episode is unparalleled. So far in my journey as a podcast guest, “Frugalpreneur” has without a doubt been my favorite appearance! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!!

Patrick Heggi,
Sarah is a Master!

Just recorded a podcast with Sarah and it was a blast! She is very fun, knowledgeable and interesting to talk with. Highly recommended! Thanks Sarah!

Sarah knows is a great podcast host!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen to this solo episode. Let me know what you thought of it and if you’d like more episodes like this one in the future.

Until next time . . 

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